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WITH h AS (SELECT id_alojamiento, a.id_atractivo, oris_id, 'A-0000160' AS codigo_mangola, ISNULL(tarifa_ref_usd, CAST(tarifa_ref_clp AS float) / CAST([oris-manacrox].dbo.fn_tipo_cambio(getDate()) AS float) ) AS tarifa_ref_oris_usd, ISNULL(tarifa_ref_clp, tarifa_ref_usd * [oris-manacrox].dbo.fn_tipo_cambio(getDate()) ) AS tarifa_ref_oris_clp, CASE WHEN direccion = '' THEN (SELECT direccion FROM [oris-manacrox].dbo.hotel WHERE id = oris_id) ELSE direccion END AS direccion, a.html_titulo_2 AS html_titulo, a.html_desc_2 AS html_desc, a.html_kw_2 AS html_kw, nombre, a.desc_corta_2 AS desc_corta, CASE WHEN a.desc_2 LIKE '' THEN a.desc_corta_2 ELSE a.desc_2 END AS [desc], estrellas, checkin AS checkin_hotel, checkout AS checkout_hotel, a.the_geom_lat, a.the_geom_lng, at.nombre_2 AS nombre_atractivo, at.url_2 AS urlAtractivo, a.the_geom_lat AS y, a.the_geom_lng AS x, at.url_0, at.url_1, at.url_2, a.url, a.sitio_0, a.notas_tarifas_2 AS notas_tarifas, [oris-manacrox].dbo.fn_tipo_cambio(getDate()) AS tipo_cambio, min_noches FROM alojamiento a JOIN atractivo at ON a.id_atractivo = at.id_atractivo WHERE id_alojamiento = 160 ), aux_tarifas AS (SELECT * FROM OPENQUERY(dagobah, 'SELECT t.cod_producto, tarifa, moneda, checkin, checkout, ABS(DATEDIFF(checkin, checkout)) AS noches FROM tarifas.tarifas_mem t JOIN tarifas.dicc d ON t.cod_producto = d.cod_producto AND d.combinaciones LIKE CONCAT(''%['', CAST(t.combinacion AS CHAR CHARACTER SET utf8), '']%'') AND d.strpax = ''2A,0N'' WHERE t.cod_producto = ''A-0000160'' AND checkin >= DATE_ADD(CURDATE(), INTERVAL 1 DAY) ')), rnk_tarifas AS (SELECT *, ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY cod_producto, moneda ORDER BY tarifa ASC) AS r FROM aux_tarifas), tarifas AS (SELECT * FROM rnk_tarifas WHERE r=1) SELECT *, ISNULL(ISNULL( t1.tarifa, t2.tarifa * tipo_cambio ), tarifa_ref_oris_clp) AS tref_clp, ISNULL(ISNULL( t2.tarifa, CAST(t1.tarifa AS float) / CAST(tipo_cambio AS float) ), tarifa_ref_oris_usd) AS tref_usd, CAST(ISNULL(t1.noches, t2.noches) AS int) AS tref_noches_clp, CAST(ISNULL(t2.noches, t1.noches) AS int) AS tref_noches_usd, IIF(t1.tarifa IS NULL AND t2.tarifa IS NULL, 0, 1) AS tarifas_mangola FROM h LEFT JOIN tarifas t1 ON t1.moneda = 1 LEFT JOIN tarifas t2 ON t2.moneda = 2

ADODB.Recordset error '800a0e78'

Operation is not allowed when the object is closed.

/v2/alojamientos/ficha.asp, line 89