A Reserva Nacional Rio Clarillo se encontra na pré-cordilheira da zona central no sudeste de Santiago, região de Pirque. Com 13.185 hectares, possui altitudes que variam entre 850 e 3.500 metros. Caracteriza-se por ser um abrigo de bosque esclerófilo (folha dura) na zona central. A formação destes bosques são principalmente por espécies como peumo, litre, lun e quillayes

This reserve is situated in the pre-Andean mountain range of the central zone southeast of Santiago, in the vicinity of Pirque. It comprises 13,185 hectares (29,007 acres) of land with varying altitudes between 850 and 3,500 m (2,788 and 11,480 ft) above sea level.

The park's main attraction and focus is the Clarillo river, which supplies water to the nearby residential areas of Pirque and Puente Alto. This reserve is the last refuge for the sclerophyllous forest in the central zone. This type of forest is formed mostly of species such as peumo, litre, lun and quillayes. The park is also a refuge to animal species, and the endangered woodpigeon is one of them. Another is the Chilean iguana, which at first glance looks like an overfed lizard.

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